We are encouraged to worship and to serve God in every aspect of our lives, even in the way we spend our money. God wants us to give because it shows that we recognize He is truly the Lord of our lives. Supporting our Church, Holy Ground Family Fellowship, financially can be a tremendous way of doing what God wants for us. These are a few reasons why:

It is an act of worship and service. In 3 John 1:5-8, John identified his financial supporters as ‘fellow workers’ with him. Even though they did not do the ministry physically, but their funds have made it possible for him to minister. Hence, giving is also a ministry expression (i.e. an act of worship and service) for those who seek to join in the activities of God and His church.

It widens and expands the ministry. Giving enables us serve more e.g. feeding the hungry, reaching the lost, clothing the naked, helping the needy, equipping church workers, training missionaries, building shelters, etc… These acts of service put together advance God’s kingdom from Davao City and beyond.

It strengthens and deepens our passion for what God is doing in the world. Through giving, the vision of our Church can be strengthened more and achieved. We put our money in our priorities, and then our heart follows where our money goes.

God is more interested with the uprightness of our hearts than the size of our gifts. We should not just give for the sake of giving, but we should give joyfully, generously and sacrificially.



God wants us to give from a cheerful heart. Our money enables ministry to take place, and this means people see God’s heart, hear the gospel, feel God’s presence, and witness His power in their lives. This alone is a great reason to rejoice!


In 2 Corinthians 9:9, when Paul called the Corinthians to support his work financially, he encouraged them to mimic the generosity of their God, who has ‘distributed freely’. God is a generous God who wants to use His people as channels of His blessing. Fortunately, the more God sees His people as trustworthy in giving, the more He blesses them so that they can give more.


We give our offerings to God alone. There is no set amount and quantity required in giving, but giving sacrificially helps us to prioritize God’s eternal kingdom over temporal things. It also deepens our sense of dependence on Him.

So give for the advancement of God’s Kingdom today. Give out of a joyful, generous, and sacrificial heart,
knowing that God owns all things and that He is able to provide for all our needs.


We invite you to Partner with us knowing that giving is an act of worship and a contribution to the advancement of God’s Kingdom.

You may fill out our Partnership Form and/or click on the Donate Button Below.
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If youre in the Philippines, you can:
1. Deposit directory to:
BPI Peso Savings Account 2883-0542-48

2. Cheque payments made to:
Holy Ground Family Fellowship Inc.

For any inquiries contact the HGFF Office:
(082)241.0056, and look for Ms. Jakee Cenizal or Ms. Joy Gumobao
or email us at: holygrounddavao@gmail.com