Women’s Ministries comprised of women who seek to share the Good News with people in their community, their district, and around the world.

To seek and to share THE GOOD news with people in the community, the district, and around the world

Fulfill the mandate given by God “to tell the good news” and enhance entrepreneurial skill which includes; monthly prayer meeting, exhortation, visit to shut-ins and delinquent members,
discussions on spiritual matters, current events, general health and feminine issues, educational tours and pangkabuhayan program


Women’s Ministries started in 1925 in Houston Texas by Etta Calhoun, shortly after the organization of the Assemblies of God was formed. It was referred to as the Women’s Ministries Council (W.M.C.) at that time.
In 1968 the Assemblies of God officially organized the Women’s Missionary Council in Guyana.

During the 1970’s the W.M.C. was renamed the Women’s Ministries and is now familiarly known as W.M.

The Women’s Ministries Department is part of the Assembly of God Church and operates in harmony with the Church through intercessory prayer, evangelism, missions and benevolence


The open heart symbolizes women’s inherent openness to the challenge of human needs. As the words Women’s Ministries flow from the emblem, so love and compassion flow from the heart of women. Women’s Ministries comprises women who care about the needs of the world.

Scripture Verse

Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might; for there is no work or device or knowledge or wisdom in the grave where you are going.”
(Ecclesiastes 9:10) KJV)


Red – Stands for the great sacrifice Christ made for our salvation.
White – Symbolizes the standard of Christ’s righteousness.

WM Ministries:

Children’s Ministry
Medical mission
Support Ministry
Funeral Services
Floral Arrangement
Prayer Warriors

Regular Schedule

Every last Saturday of the month, 2:00 PM
#206 Bustamante Building, Ponciano Reyes St., Davao City

Contact Information

Contact Person: Sister Sandra Fernandez
Mobile(Smart): +639186405318