Holy Ground Family Fellowship School of Ministry seeks to equip and empower individuals toward a deeper and wider spirituality, as evidenced by love for God’s Word and active involvement in local ministry and/or world mission. Its’ courses are geared towards a fuller knowledge of God through in-depth study of the Bible, instruction on Doctrine and Theology, and Practical Ministry Trainings.

The flow of church education encompasses different levels of spirituality and is strongly encouraged for all HGFF members. Members are challenged to sign up for classes that fit their spiritual growth stage, and progress towards the church worker’s level. The “What’s My Next Step” Guide can help you determine which class to take (see guide below):

For information on how to sign up for classes, and other details about the School of Ministry, please go to the Home Page. Click the Resources Tab, Scroll Down and Click Downloads. Feel free to download the SOM Information Bundle available for you. You can also contact us by calling our office (082.241.0056) or emailing us: hgff.som@gmail.com